Historical Nuggets is a eclectic collection of historical information about Martin County.  This page may contain links to articles written by members of the Historical society, pictures of past activities in Martin County, school histories, community/town histories, and many other topics.  If you have suggestions for this page, please email info@martincountynchistoricalsociety.org.

In 1924, Oak City High School published a “Catalog” for the upcoming school year.  The catalog listed the calendar, faculty, disciplinary statement, a history of the school, library information, course of study, basketball team members, etc.  Thanks to Michael Taylor for sharing this.

Interviews in 200th Celebration

During the Bicentennial Celebration in 1974, Ms. Trudy Manning Farnell did profiles on several women in Martin County while she was a Junior at Queens College.  I’m sure you will enjoy these Interviews.

While at the Williamston Junior High School, Ms. Elizabeth Roberson lead students in the publication of Main Street Williamston.   Due to the large size of the publication, it had to be divided into two files.Part 1  Part 2

Ms. Elizabeth Roberson provided the leadership for three volumes of the Tuckahoe.  There were three different classes producing these publications.  Volume 1.   Volume 2.       Volume 3.  

While at Robersonville Junior High School, Ms. Roberson helped the students created the Huskanaw.  The document was divided into two files.

File 1 File 2

Under the guidance of Ms. Minnie Hoggard, the 5th grade at E. J. Hayes school produced the History of Martin County Schools.  The document is divided into two file.

File 1 File 2

The Bear Grass 8th grade class, under the leadership of Ms. Elizabeth Roberson, published Smoke to Gold.

With the assistance of the Rosenwald Foundation, African-American schools were built between 1912 and 1932.  The Foundation started with a $25,000 gift from Julius Rosenwald to the Tuskegee Institute for support of teacher training.  Martin County has two Rosenwald Schools, Hamilton and E. J. Hayes.  For more information on Rosenwald Schools please follow this link.  

POW Camp

During WWII, there were numerous Prisoner of War Camps in Eastern North Carolina.  Williamston had one on the Roanoke River.  The prisoners worked on farms in the area.  This document contains pictures taken by Mr, Eugene Rice and three articles about the camp.  There may be redundancy in the articles.

Recently, some Williamston High School Green Wave Spotlights were discovered in the Biggs House.  They will be uploaded in “waves”.

October 1948

December 1948

January 1949

February 1949

May 1949

December 1949

January 1950


The 1948 Robersonville High School annual, the Robersonian, was discovered in the Biggs House.

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