Martin County Historical Society


Preserving The Cultural Heritage of Martin County, North Carolina

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Our Mission

The Martin County Historical Society Inc. commits itself to all things related to preserving the cultural heritage of Martin County, North Carolina.

Upcoming Events

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250 Year Celebration

The 250 Committee is continuing to meet.  On July 2, the committee voted to pursue a “Martin County Cultural/Historical Museum”.  If you have suggestions, please email

The Biggs House

The Biggs House

The Biggs House is owned by the Martin County Historical Society.  The house has been repaired and is maintained by the Historical Society.  If you wish to tour the Biggs House, please email

The house is open for tours on Wednesday and Thursday from 1-4 PM.  Also, please complete our survey about the Biggs House.



For interviews of Martin County residents and other information about our history, please visit our MartinCountyNCHistoricalSocietyYouTube channel.



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