Welcome to our 250 Celebration Page.   The purpose of this page is to keep everyone informed of the activities and committees involved in the 250th celebration.  There will be other pages added to our site to deal with other issues, like the history of  Martin County.  This page will keep you informed about what is happening and who is involved.  We will be collecting emails  so notifications of new activities can be reported.  

The 250th Anniversary Celebration started with a meeting of interested citizens of Martin County.  There was representation from agencies, towns, communities, and others.  You can read a summary of the meeting here.  The next meeting is August 30 at 6:00 PM at the Telecenter.

The minutes of the August 30, 2023, meeting have been added to our website.   You can find them here.  If you have suggestions or wish to be involved, you can email Chase and/or Julia at the addresses listed on the minutes.  

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